Sharon 2003

A warm welcome to all my visitors. This site is an ePortfolio that I started as an assignment for a college module. Although there is (will be) a lot of content on this site that will, due to its nature, remain static there will also be sections that I shall update as the occasion demands. Please peruse my site at your leisure and, if you enjoy it, return for more. I can't promise regular updates as yet but you never know...

I thought long and hard over what I should include here and also whether some parts should be password protected. In the end I decided that this site would be open to all who wish to view. After all, I am not comfortable being secretive and I am not ashamed of my past work, life, mistakes and so on.

I hope to include a guest book and/or comments section in the (near) future. If and when I do I would love constructive, critical feedback. I'd rather the language was kept clean too as my children may look at this site. As I said, I'm not into secrets :-)